When 90’s style + Cali dreams meet


One of my favorite recent style trends has been the return of the  90s. I love the easy, breezy coolness vibes of this trend.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this look is how easy and cheap it is to recreate. All you really need is some time to go thrifting and  bargain shopping.

With some patience, you’ll definitely find every piece you’re looking for. For this shoot, the entire look was created for under $20!

Myles Berrio, the photographer on this shoot had Cali vibes in mind, so he scouted the location and came up with the look as well -extremely talented guy!

To recreate this look on your own: any color basic tee (for this shoot Te’asia is wearing a 5T children’s basic white tee from T.J. maxx LOL! ), a pair of jeans from Goodwill, a men’s flannel from America’s Thrift Store, and my fave pair of go-to shoes at the moment- a pair of converse that she already owned.

The hair and jewelry were all kept very simple since the look was already making a bold statement on its own.

Perhaps the best part of this look is the versatility. Right after this shoot we decided to go out to dinner and Te’asia was able to easily take this look to a dining setting by simply tying the flannel around her waist.

To dress this look up even further, I’d swap the converse for a pair of booties, or platform sandals, and keep the flannel tied around the waist or just trade it for a leather jacket to transition this from day to night.


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  1. Kay Taylor says:

    You’re so beautiful I love this look! Simple and cute 90’s is also one of my favorite era’s for clothing, I have to find some local thrift shops and stack up my closet lol.

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