All Things Holidays under $50.00

Holiday shopping can be hella expensive. Getting gifts for all 36 family members can add up real quick. Here’s my guide to holiday gifting all under $50.00 + where you can get these great finds! PLUS this list is totally gender neutral, so pay attention guys!

JCrew Cozy Trouser Socks in Faire Isle $16.50  Yes, I know it’s cheesy but socks DO make great gifts and I wanted to get the cheesy things out of the way. Also you can get an additional 30% off on these socks with the code Merrysale!



Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset $32  Did Y’all know that Urban Outfitter’s sells music and technology gadgets??? This is so cool (IMO). This virtual Reality Headset is a really awesome gift for all the tech lovers and visual gamers in your life. You can also use these headsets to watch news stories with newspaper sites like the New York Times!


Mobile Lens Kit Now $26 THIS is a selfie game changer! Whaaaat?! Urban comes through once again. This is definitely going on my Christmas list.



Marble Slim Phone Charger $24 Okay I promise Urban Outfitter’s is not paying me to promote their gadgets. They just have some really cool, great buys! Is your iPhone always dying? Because mines stays dead, so therefore we all need this really cute phone charger. 🙂



Scented Candle in Glass Holder $12.99 Moms love candles, dads love candles (do dads love candles?) I love candle, you love candles -you get the gist. Candles are a great gift because not only are you gifting an awesome home decor piece, but it’s also functional as a source of ambient light, AND delicious, yummy , pretty smells. Candles are great. Blue Jean, Park Hill and Rewind are some really awesome scented candle brands.




Puppies! Okay this one’s out of left field but who doesn’t want a puppy for Christmas! That’s my real life Cockapoo, Kacey in the photo. 🙂 No you can’t have him, But you can get one just like him for Christmas! Trust me, the snuggles and kisses are well worth it.




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