#Stylistchallenge + Zara

From the #mannequinchallenge to the #dubchallenge, 2016 has definitely been the year of the challenge.

So I came up with this #stylistchallenge. Here’s the layout: As a stylist, it’s so easy to get comfortable and always stick to your “go-to” looks when styling someone.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a look that works 98% of the time, it’s just not in the the spirit of style or fashion. Fashion is change, so changing it up is a MUST.

So for this challenge, I’m going to put together 5 different looks with 5 basic pieces. Since Zara is my go to site for basics, I’ll be pulling all of the pieces from there.

The 5 basics will be a outerwear piece, a bottom, a top, shoes and jewelry.

Here are my 5 pieces + links to get them:

Mid-Rise Biker Trousers $49

Leather Ankle Boots With Lined Platform $139

Pack of Black Chokers $22.90

Oversized Bomber Jacket $90

Poplin Tunic With Metallic Detail $49.90



Look #1: This look is simple, yet feels edgy with the metallic studded tunic and chocker stack.

Look #2: A chic take on this style, while being super comfy (Oversized Jacket is optional)

Look #3: Comfy oversized sweater, bomb ass biker jeans, platform boots and of course the finishing touch- a choker set.

Look #4: If you can get away with no wearing pants why not do it? (Caution wear spandex shorts underneath).

Look # 5: This look can take you from the office to Trader Joes to drinks with the ladies


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