Doing all the Damn things in Fashion

When I first started styling I would keep it so simple. Like a basic neutral and maybe one  or two accessories. However, in the age of streamlining, simplistic styling  and  comfy aesthetics I’ve decided to adopt the ideology of more is more- to a certain point.

“Trendy is the last stage before tacky,”- Karl Lagerfeld.

If Karl said it then it must be true right? My entire approach to this more is more thing is to create all these fabulous looks but styling them with a ‘cool’ aesthetic.

Whether it’s styling a choker with two or three layers of necklaces or layering a fur vest on top of an asymmetric skirt and a cozy sweater, it’s all about taking a basic look to the next level.


They key to being successful in doing all the things in styling is harmony. The entire look must be balanced someway, somehow. You can harmonize the color scheme, or find balance in the fabrics.

My go to tones are neutral, or pantone colors for this season. For style preference, I like really edgy pieces styled with romantic vibes or distressed, grungy pieces, with timeless classic piece -High top converses are a timeless classic to me :). The contrasting dichotomies are really interesting and takes a plain outfit to the next level of style.



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