Velvet is Back and May be Here to Stay?


I am loving this velvet come back. It reminds me of the stuffy ass Christmas dresses my mom used to dress me up in back in my early childhood. But in like a fun nostalgic sort of way. I mean how creamy and soft is this fabric?!

What’s really cool about this velvet and crushed velvet trend is that this velvet isn’t stuffy or old at all. The fashion gurus have managed to bring this once upon a time outdated fabric back and make it extremely sexy and tres tres cool.

And the fact that people have been so receptive to it makes me think that this one is here to stay -at least for a few more seasons.

I will say, when it comes to colors, velvet usually looks incredible in deep reds, blues, and greens- all holiday/wintry colors. So it will be really interesting to see how color plays a role in velvet’s longevity as it transitions through the seasons.

I could totally see it being treated the same way suede was when that made its huge resurgence a few season back.


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