Why I decided to Start a Blog

Starting a blog was no easy decision. Sure it might seem like a simple enough idea and easy enough to actually set one up, but it took yours truly (me) nearly  two years to start this blog.

You’re probably like seriously? 2 years? Come on. No, seriously it took me two whole years to dedicate my time and creative energy into starting this blog.  I just kept putting it off and off. But honestly, some of it was insecurity too.

There’s so many wonderful, amazing blogs out here- I’m a fan of a lot of them. It’s intimidating to venture into this space when they’re so many amazing ones to compare yours to. (This notion applies to life as well, but that might be another post.)

The next hinderance was the dedication it takes to run a functioning blog. Y’all this blogging thing takes a commitment. I’ve told myself that I’m doing at least 3 posts a week. WITH or WITHOUT followers.

Once I realized that it wasn’t about the success of the blog but rather the stories, my anxieties commenced to fade. Although the goal is to have a very successful blog with tons of readers, I have an honest passion for stories and hearing other’s stories. Writing is extremely therapeutic to me, so having this platform is one of the best things I could’ve done .

So my approach to this whole blogging thing is to just write. Write with no fear, no apprehensions, just write.  Write all the things and if readers like certain things then I will follow up with more of those things. 🙂

So yes, it took me two whole years but I’m here now and I’m doing all the damn things and writing about them!


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